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I know the real estate market can be daunting, but for my clients, it becomes a journey of clarity, confidence, and success. Every home carries a unique story, and new moments are created as you start your new chapter with your loved one. My role? It's to translate that story into tangible value for you

What We Offer

Progression Plan

We begin by charting a roadmap tailored to your property goals. Whether it’s upsizing, downsizing, or a first-time purchase, we outline a clear path forward.

Financial Calculations

We will break down costs, potential returns, and loan intricacies to ensure you make an informed and feasible investment.

Price Negotiation

insights and trends, we position you for optimal price negotiations. Securing the best value for your budget.

Neighborhood Insight

We offer nuanced advice on not only properties but also the unique character, amenities, and future prospects of each neighborhood.

Options Analysis

Every property has its pros and cons. We lay these out transparently, helping you analyze and choose the option that aligns most with your aspirations.

Educate and Free Sharing

Beyond our service, we believe in empowering you with insights about the property market, regulations, and more


Extra profits for our customers

Turning your home's memories into its highest market value. We are ready to take on any homes and get the price you thought you couldn't.

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Unsure about the true value of your property in today's market? Let me provide a comprehensive and up-to-date evaluation, completely free of charge. Gain insights into the potential worth of your asset and make informed decisions about your next steps.

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Join the many others who've found clarity, direction, and success with our property guidance. Let's uncover the possibilities, address the uncertainties of upgrading or selling, and chart a path forward tailored to your unique needs.

Case Study - Solving Leasehold Dilemma

Upgrader Navigating Challenges to Acquiring their Dream Home.

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Overall Situation

Meet Jasmine and Wei, a couple who stays in the East but wanted to shift to the central region due to a job transfer. With little knowledge about the central's neighbourhoods and the quantum, they sought the help of ReactHome Agency to find a home that was not just a place to live, but a reflection of their dreams and aspirations

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Challenges & Solutions

While exploring options, Jasmine and Wei fell in love with a luxurious condominium unit situated in the bustling heart of Orchard Road. The amenities were top-notch, the view was unparalleled, and the interiors were a blend of modernity and comfort. It seemed to tick all their boxes.

However, upon further investigation, we identified a potential pitfall:
The condominium was a leasehold property with only 58 years left on its 99-year lease.

This presented a series of concerns:


Resale Value : Properties with shorter leases can depreciate faster, potentially affecting resale value down the line.


A Problem on Financing: Many banks are more conservative with their loan quantum and tenures for properties with shorter lease durations. This could affect the mortgage terms available to Jasmine and Wei.


Implications of Long-term Stay: If Jasmine and Wei planned on staying for the long haul, they might face potential lease expiry issues or need to pay for a lease extension, if available

Addressing this challenge involved a multi-pronged approach:


We Provided Financial Forecasting: Our team provided Jasmine and Wei with detailed projections on the potential depreciation of the property's value over time, factoring in the dwindling lease..


Our Banking Liaisons: We reached out to our network of financial institutions to get a clearer picture of the loan terms they could expect given the property's lease situation.


Always Exploring Alternatives: If We curated a list of comparable freehold properties and newer leasehold properties, ensuring they had alternatives that provided both value and peace of mind.

Outcome: Client Secured Their Dream House

After much analysis, we recommended they shift their focus to freehold property in District 11, blending their desires with long-term assurance. Not only did this offer peace of mind, but it also held promise for future appreciation.

Securing their dream home, the couple praised the agency for its invaluable insights. As they stepped into their new chapter, their trust in our expertise was clear, with promises of heartfelt recommendations to friends and family.

We wish Jasmine and Wei countless happy memories in their new abode.

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